Shooting Guard
Flammes Carolo Basket (FRA)


Team history

2008-2012: Colorado State University (USA)
2012-2013: CD Zamarat (SPA)
2013-2014: Walloon 3 Team
2014-2015: Royal Castors Braine
2015-2017: Flammes Carolo (FRA)
2017-2018: Yakin Dogü Universitesi (TUR)
2017-2018: Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca (SPA)
2018 -2019. : Cukurova Basketbol (TUR)
2019 – … :  Washington Mystics (WNBA)
2019- … : Flammes Carolo (FRA)

Get to know Kim

My favorite song at the moment is
Kim Mestdagh favo song 2

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a
Kim Mestdagh as a kid

My best position on the court is
Kim Mestdagh best position

What is more important than gold?
Kim Mestdagh more important than gold

If I could take anything from anyone’s game, I would take the Kim Mestdagh skills fromfrom Kim Mestdagh skills kyrie

Who’s the GOAT?
Kim Mestdagh g
What part of your game can still improve?
Kim Mestdagh still improve

Kim Mestdagh vanilla

The funniest player on the team is
Kim Mestdagh funniest