DELAERE, Antonia

DELAERE, Antonia
Reyer Venezia (ITA)


Team history

2010-2015: Kangoeroes Boom
2015-2016: Belfius Namur
2016-2019: Mithra Castors Braine
2019 – 2020 : Nantes (FRA)
2020-2021 :  San Sebastian (SPA)
2021 – 2022:  Zaragoza (SPA)
2022-2023: Reyer Venezia (ITA)

Get to know  Name

My position on the court  is position

The tallest player I have ever played with is tallest player


If I had to describe my coach, I would say he’sdescribe your coach

I love playing against love playing against (of Spain)

3 things in my hand luggage when I travel are in my luggage

Freddy’s mom has three kids. The first one is named April, the second one May.
The name of the third child isFreddy's mother

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